The tastiest Italian dishes in under 3 minutes
Not a moment's hesitation!

10 arguments we think you'll like...

No assembly or installation:
everything is operational straight away
No extra personnel necessary:
your team can stay the same
No product wastage:
the pasta and sauces are supplied in individual frozen portions
No worries about quality:
we use premium products from the best Italian suppliers
An unrivalled menu:
up to 81 different pasta dishes available
No time wasted:
quick to prepare, in under 3 minutes
No set serving times:
an exceptionally versatile product that can be eaten at any time of day or night
No worries about safety:
we take care of hygiene at every stage
No worries about conservation:
very long use-by dates (16 to 18 months)
An economic model that leaves the rest standing:
high earning capacity straight away
Go for it!
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